Paint Tip

The paint cans in our garage are getting out of hand and it's getting harder for me to remember what color has been used on what. A few weeks back I had to do touch up paint in our bedroom and could not remember what color grey we paint our bedroom! I actually started doing the touch up paint with the wrong color! So I had to rummage though our ever growing paints and finally found our bedroom paint color. I decided one of the things I need to tackle of the summer is our paint paint cans.

I found a really good tip from Martha Stewart of course. Martha suggests using paint stirrings. After stirring paints, let stirrers dry, then write the color and room on each. To keep them well organized she also suggests making a whole at the end of each and using twine to secue them together. Most likely I'll use a large metal ring and keep them safely in my yet to get started on office. Wal-Mart sells paint stirrers for around thirty cents each, so I'll pick up a bunch there to get me started.

I also plan on making simple labels to place on the paint can after its been used. The labels will include the same information as the paint stirrer swatch with the addition of the paint formula. I have seen other blogs buy new paint cans to store their paints, however I want to do this as thrifty as possible. 

Do you already have a system to keep your paint cans organized and know what color you used and where? Please share you tips.