Out & About

On Saturday my husband and I decided to drive to Berkeley { its in cute little city a few miles outside San Francisco } and Emeryville for a little looking around and shopping. I was really excited about going to the Crate & Barrel Outlet hoping to find some deals.

First up we grabbed a cup of coffee, and began on walk along 4th Street checking out some great stores. We stopped in CB2, its the first time I've been in a CB2 (they only have 4 stores in California) the store did not disappoint. I love the modern fun vibe the store has.

We both really like these metal shelves to hold wine bottles and glasses. The shelves would look great above a buffet to create more of a bar vibe, or stacked on top of each other. I'm already thinking about some minor tweaks to our dining room, we like to drink wine and need a place to store it.

We also like the large art print, the colors work so well with our living room.

Next we popped over the Crate & Barrel Outlet, they had some any great kitchen finds, but we both agreed to focus on bedroom and decor finds. The outlet had so many amazing bedding deals, but they were the wrong colors. If there's not a Crate & Barrel Oulet near you, make sure you shop the outlet online.

We went into the furniture section and saw so many great deals, from dining room chairs to coffee tables and more. The main thing that caught my eye was the Meryl Floor lamp. Unfortunately I didn't find anything and the outlet, I'm sure we'll go back in a few months after summer and score some summer deals.

Next we stopped in a Restoration Hardware, and looked at Hardware! lol I've been in Restoration Hardware several times and didn't realize the sell house numbers. I love the size of their house number, they are a substantial 4 to 6 inches in height. I'd love to swap out our perfectly good house numbers for these giant ones, but they might look funny on our little rancher.

Before heading to a late lunch we made  stop in Z Gallerie. Call me odd, but its fun to shop in stores that aren't near your house, because some stores carry more more items than our local store does.

After lunch we stopped in West Elm, I checked out their clearance section but didn't find any good scores like last weekend. Sorry no pics, got lost in the "I love this store glow." I did however fall in love with the mini parson desk for our third bedroom/mini office/maybe a baby's room?? If the third bedroom evolves into a room, the mini desk could easily be moved to another spot in our house.

Well that wraps up our shopping trip, nope I didn't find any must haves - but I did buy a new maxi dress! Did you find any 'must haves' over the weekend?