Farmers Market: Cheap Blooms

I've mentioned before that my family and I love going to the farmers market, great food at great prices. But one of my main reasons I love going there is the Cheap Blooms. I'm thrifty, so most of the time I snip roses for from our bushes, or branches off trees. However when we have guests over, its the perfect excuse to buy some blooms. I bought to bouquets of blooms on Sat for $8.00 and was able to make three bouquets of fresh flowers of our home. So its around $ 2.60 per bouquet not bad. It so much more affordable to shop there, then the grocery store - most of the those bouquets are around $ 5.99 each! Plus the selection there is always skimpy and so are the blooms.

I bought poppies, the petals looked so delicate. They reminded reminded me of tissue paper. I'm planting them next year! I got some pretty, reed looking flower - they were so pretty I forgot to ask, what kind they were. Any ideas?

Have you been to your local framers market this season? Pick up any great blooms?