Trading Places

Over the weekend, my husband and I were in Z Gallerie looking for some accessories for our bedroom. I came across a pretty water colored vase. It's a pretty shape and large for the price { $ 14.99 } I was thought it would look great on our newly painted dresser or somewhere else. I got it home and it didn't feel quite right in our bedroom.

Vase on the dresser

Then placed the vase in our dining room. The light blue water looked amazing with the dark stain of our table.

Most of the time we have a branch candle holder on the table, instead of tucking the candle holder away, I placed it in our bedroom.

Whne I'm our shopping for items for our home, I try to imagaine the accessorie in more then just one place. I like doing this because it keeps our home looking fresh. Another great thing to swap along with accessories is art. Sometimes moving art around your home keeps things fresh. I've done this with art in out living room. In case you wondering why there's a pillow on the floor, its actailly Mojo's new bedding.

Do accessories and art trade places in your home?