Living Room Revisit

I shared our living room back in November before we Re-Did our entry way. Since then we've made some changes to our living room, now the room feels more us. It's taken us a little over a year to evolve our living room into its current phase. It's interesting how some rooms are instant makeovers and some evolve over time. Before I show you how our living room looks now, lets take a trip down memory lane. Our living room a few days before we moved in and on painting day.

Phase One: Move In
Our old living room walls were a dingy green color, and all our baseboards were honey oak. We painted our walls on a cold Janaury afternoon, so it's hard to see the wall color.

The prevouis owners updated the heating & air conditing unit, but neglated to remove the wall unit. There's Mr. CLH primer the walls, can you see the ugly paint color better?

I hated our cheapo looking ceiling fan, but it wasn't in our budget to get a new one. We simply cleaned the ceiling fan and spray painted it a glass white. The white paint instantly updated the fan and blends in with our now white ceilings.

Here's our living room a few weeks after our moving in, we paint the blue wall by Sherwin Williams and the Cream walls Parchment by Behr. My sweet sister painted all the baseboards in our living room and hallway a bright glossy white.

Thanks to our escrow refund we brought two armless slipper chairs for our living room from, can't beat that $2.95 shipping for both chairs!

Phase Two: Mid Way Living Room
Here's our living back in November, we made some mistakes hanging our artwork. We hung the artwork way to high and spread it way to far apart.

As I mentioned we updated our ceiling fan a bright glossy white which update its style.

Yup tons of bare uninviting walls back in November. Here's a view of our front door prior to its makeover. The honey oak front door sucked out all the light in our room and looked dated in our home.

Phase Three: Living Room Now
Here's our living room now, the space feels so much fresher and brighter than it did in November. We moved the artwork that was above our sofa { and hung way to high } to another spot. We added more art to our living room including some, I created my self. One a large canvas that I painted and another a quote from a song we both love. I loathed lumbar the pillows that came with our chairs, so I made two new lumber pillow covers with fabric I found at Calico Corners. I couldn't stop at just sewing two pillows, so I made a petite lumber pillow to add another shade of blue into our living room and more add texture. I'm addicted to pillows, its one of my downfalls { plus its one of the quickest ways to update a sofa }

We also added more personal affects and moved a few items around, I updated our lampshade with a thirfty $1.99 shade I found at Goodwill. One major thing I did in our living room was repaint all the cream walls (Parchment by Behr) to new color, I went with Woodrow Wilson Putty. It's the same color that's in our dining room. Although I liked the cream wall color, in certain lighting { at night and full sun } the walls would turn a shade of pale yellow which contrasted horribly with our bright yellow accents and blue wall. It always amazes me what the power of paint can do to help transform a room! I'm loving our new wall colors and how it flows seamlessly into our dining room. The new wall color also highlights our artwork and photos better.

Lumbar pillows I made, look perfect on the armless chairs

My painting all done, and hung.

I like how the blue petite ikat pillow I made fits the sofa so well.

Roses from our garden

Well that's our living makeover done in phases { for now } What do you think of our living room makeover? Do you decorate in phases?