More Books on the Cheap

A few months back while at Goodwill, I found some great reads on the cheap. I read all the books I bought last time, and was in need of more good reads. I popped into Goodwill and got more books on the cheap. I few ladies suggested I join a book club,so that's something I'll likely do soon, its cool to hear other peoples thoughts a book you've just read/reading.

Reading List:

The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd  { I've seen the movie, and now can't wait to read the book! I do that a lot see a movie and then get really into the book....same with Twilight }
Jemma J, by Jane Green
Drowning Ruth, by Christa Schwarz { An Oprah Book Club Read, So I'm pretty sure it will be good }
Something Borrowed, Emily Giffin { I recently read Baby Proof LOVE LOVED. I'm thinking of Dayka right now saying I really should read her books in order! I'm back on track now, after I finish this one, I'll be looking for Something Blue }