Painting Session

I've been looking for some more artwork for our living room for quite sometime, most of artwork Mr. CLH and I agreed on was way to pricey for our pocketbook. So I decided to do a painting. I haven't painted in a few years and thought this would be a good testing the waters project for me. I usually paint with oil paint, however it can takes days and days for oil paint to dry and its messy to clean up. So for this painting decided to Oil Paints cousin Acrylic paints they dry super fast and the colors mix effortlessly.

When my painting is all done, I hope it invokes a sense of power, beauty and calm. Hopefully this testing the waters painting will get me painting more often. I'll have to share one of my favorite paintings I've done soon.

For the painting I used The Artist's Canvas 24x36 available at Micheal's Craft Store. I like using the artist style canvas because they are are gallery style and all the staples are hidden. Next to my canvas is another painting I'm working on.

I keep all my brushes in a simple 'flower pot' style glass vase

I bought a simple set of 24 Acrylic paints made by Reeves

I always pull out the colors I plan on using for the painting, making sure I like how the colors flow before beginning.

Shades of blue

The best part of painting is when everything wet, it makes it easier for me to manipulate the layer of colors easier.

I don't use a easel, I place my paintings on my lap { under my drawing board } or on the floor and work over the painting

I'll share the entire painting after its completed and hanging in our living room. On a side note, I forgot how relaxing painting is for me. What do you enjoy doing that helps relax you?