Painting Session: My Favorite Painting

A couple of days ago I shared a painting I'm currently working on for our living room, I also said I'd share my favorite painting I've done. But first the 'story behind the art' a few years ago I was in Hallmark looking at cards, when I came across an amazing image of a flower. I brought the card and decided I wanted to paint it. At that time I had only painted with water colors and kids paints. So I bought a cheap painting art book for $10 at Micheal's and decided to paint the picture using Oil Paints.

Since I painted this painted few years ago I didn't take pictures of my process. In short I hand drew the the flower on the canvas then filled the flower in with the oil paints and layered the colors. The hardest and messiest part paint this image was all the black oil paint I needed, I must have used two large oil tubes of paint. One thing I should mention, I love this painting but I have no place at this moment to put the painting the colors are very dramatic and bold. I'd say this painting is 98% done, I still need to paint the edges of the canvas black and sign my name. Without further adieu here's my first oil painting.

It was extremely hard for me to take an accurate picture of this painting, I think I'll have to re-read my camera's owners manual - some pictures are blurry, maybe its all the red and orange?

I like painting abstracts because its open to interpretation, the artist point of view and the viewers. I also enjoy painting flowers Ala Georgia O'Keeffe because flowers are timeless and captures beauty. What kind of paitings are your favorite?