Paint Affects: Modern Wow Factor

Need to bump up the wow factor in one of your room walls? Well, I came across some modern paint affects in one of my favorite decor magazines Style at Home. One of the paint affects gave me a boost of inspiration for my master bedroom makeover. I can't wait to get started on the paint effect project. I can't say which one - need to keep the element of surprise, lol.

Modern Paint Affect: Color Blocking
A painting technique that involves adding a graphic element, such as circles or squares, to dress up an empty wall or highlight a particular fixture in the room. Think about using this paint technique to enhance a medallion or light fixture on the ceiling. Or to ad an element of whimsy in a bedroom or it can simply replace art { like in the bedroom below } How pretty do those butterflies look, flying across the room.

In this room the color blocking highlights the wall and molding.

Modern Paint Affect: Strie
Strie is the French word for stripe, this modern paint affect creates the look of a soft stripping on the walls. Making walls appear like they are silk or linen. In the picture the walls appear to be a delicate soft green with a slight striping pattern. Don't the walls look touchable and soft?

Modern Paint Affect: Stenciling
Stencils work anywhere and add a graphic modern affect to the room. Its an affordable alternative to using wallpaper. I love the look of the stencil below, talk about drama

I love the idea of using stenciling as an decorative alternative to using ceiling medallions.

Modern Paint Affect: Colour Wash
To take the look from a 'dated cloud look' you have to apply the Colour wash technique very suitable. The Colour Wash in the picture below creates a dream like feeling in this entry way

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As I mentioned before I'll be adding one of the Modern Paint Affects to my bedroom. Did any of the paint affects give you a boost of inspiration? Have you already used a modern paint affect in your home?