My Dining Room: Before & After

Back in November my dining room that is an eat in kitchen style and the size of a small breakfast nook lacked serious style. So I created out a plan to tackle the room and create a space that my family would be able to enjoy on Saturday mornings but be pretty enough for entertaining friends on Saturday night. Last weekend we finally finished laying our new faux wood floors in our dining room and kitchen and I began putting our dining room back together. I'm so thrilled to having my living room back; we literally parked our entire dining room in the living room during the 'demo period.'

Let's take a trip down memory lane, here's my dining room before.

When Mr. CLH removed the outdated light fixture with found this 'present'

Tearing up the awfull craked and stained tile flooring

Removing the thinset from the lino - yup this was underneath the tile!

Now I love my dining room, its so pretty to me now. I so can't wait to get started on redoing our 1980's kitchen. I hope you like the dining room after as much as my family does! As I said before my dining room is very small so it makes taking pictures interesting.

This is how our dining room looks when you enter the room from our living room

This is the view from the kitchen

The blue mirror and buffet make the perfect pair - love those fresh flowers!

I fell in love with this fabric a few months ago, and decied to add it to the bottom of my Ikea curtains. The fabric colors tie-in perfectly to the rest of the diningroom and will compliment the kitchen when its done too.

Here's a better view of our new floors, a big improvemnt over our tiles! In addittion to laying our new floors, we also added moudling to our baseboards making them much taller and prettier.

I'm a happy camper! I can't wait to hear your thoughts.