Mirror Mirror On My Wall: Take Two

I found this great oval mirror for my dining room on clearance at Ross for $10.00 and painted it white, hung it in the dining room and liked how it looked. Then when we cleared out our entire dining room preparing to rip up the entire tile in the dining room and kitchen, I began to have second thoughts. My dining room was looking too white, and I love the color white but realized my dining room needed some color. I really wanted to paint the mirror, but what color would I paint it?

See how the mirror just blends into the wall?

I was stuck with this thought for a few weeks, until a quick trip into a local Salvation Army provided me with color inspiration. I came across these perfect light tiffany blue dishes - perfect for serving dip or small casseroles in. I paid my $1.98 and bought the two dishes home and decided to go in the direction of a pretty blue for the mirror. The very next day I received my House Beautiful March 2010 issue, which helepd cement the idea blue is the way to go.

Since this mirror was already painted white, I skipped the primer and opted to lightly sand the mirror frame then paint it with satin paint. The mirror frame has bread work on the inside and outside of the frame so I used a small craft brush (the same brush I sued on my bench makeover) and a small petite roller. I love this roller, I found these tiny rollers at Sherwin Williams and they are prefect for small spaces. Next I used two coats of clear poly to ensure my mirror frame would be nice and glossy.The reslut is a pretty blue mirror I can't wait to hang in the dining room!

I love this shade of blue, its so grown up and changes color thoughout the day, here's a tiny glimpse of the mirror. I will share the entire dining room soon. Just need to add a few finishing touches. Have you painted something, only to realize later it didn't have enough oomph?