My bench was pillow perfect

I few months ago while shopping at Crate Barrell in the 'One of a Kind Section' {its a great section shop there first!} I came across a pretty placemat that's helped serve as color inspriration for my master bedroom re-do. It's the perfect size placement to turn in a simple pillow for my bedroom. It was only $4.95, talk about a steal

(yes I'm sitting on my bed on wrinkled sheets doing this project - lol )

Unfortuanly the placemat has just sat in my room for months as we got busy on other projects around the house. Untill yesterday, when I looked at my recently made over Bench and realized it was looking a little lonely. It took me a few mins to transform the placement into the perfect pillow for my bench.

Isn't this pillow a perfect fit for my bench, my bench is no longer lonely

Supplies needed:
Straight pins
poly-fiber fill
thread and needle

How To:
1.  Open the seam of the pillow 'at the bottom of your pillow' carefully with scissors, I opened larger then the width of my hand. You can use a seam ripper, but for my it was easier to use small scissors

2. Start stuffing the pillow like crazy, besure and get poly fill into every corner of the placemant so it will stay nice and plump. I like my pillows nice and full, no lumpy pillows for me. So I stuffed a bunch of poly fill into the pillow

3. After you finished stuffed the pillow. I had Mr. CLH hold the pillow nice an taught so I could close the pillow with straight pins, to make it easyier to sew closed. Thread your needle, I always double thread.

4. Start sewing your pillow closed (again MR. CLH held my pillow taught so my stiches would be nice and firm). Once all your stiches are in do a nice simple knot. Your done, pretty simple pillow perfection!

Cost Breakdown:

Placemant $ 4.95 - not including tax
Polyfiber fill - no cost, had on hand
Need & Thread - no cost had on hand