I Got a Happy 101 Award!

The Lovely Angela over at Fixing it Fancy put a huge smile on my face when she gave me a Happy 101 Award. You need to check out Angela's Blog ASAP, she and her husband just completed their master bedroom and closet re-do. Let me tell you the closet reminds me of a boutique and her bedroom is Gorgeous. I'm also a huge fan of her kitchen; Angela and her husband have been remolding their home like crazy over the past few months. Wait until you see all her transformations:

 About the Award: The Award asks for 1. Ten Things I Like 2. Recognize Ten Other Blogs

10 Things I Like

1. I Mr. CLH - we have a blast together! He's simply just amazing and sweet and thoughtful.

2. I like hearing my son laugh when he's watching cartoons or a movie. I also like that he still gives me kisses and hugs every morning before I go to work. He's 9 so this is amazing for a little boy. I normally don't share pictures on my son - but there's a picture of us on Mother's day a few years ago.

3. I like Champagne!
4. I like Jane Austen movies and the books too!
5. I like paint, it transform furniture in amazing ways
6. I like my friends - they are a great group of women who inspire me and find me funny. Whether I'm just hanging out talking with them, going to see a movie or have a girls night in - they really keep the pep in my step
7. I like Chick Movies! 13 Going on 30, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Sex in the City {the movie}, Pretty Women, Waiting to Exhale, Somethings Gotta Give, Becasue I Said So, and way more.
8. I like shoes, like really like shoes. Did you know my wedding shoes were purple? Yup, I got the last pair of purple shoes in my size at any Nordies stores in the US - bought a few weeks before the big day. Here's a picture of my shoes on my wedding day. LOVE

9. I like my little house; it’s so much prettier now then the day we bought it. Still need to paint that door!



10. I like Netflix! I've been a member since 2005 - love getting my movies from them, so much easyier and they have a HUGE selection of movies over 40,000.

10 Blogs I Enjoy Reading {passing the love along }

1. Get It Girl Style
2. Life in the Fun Lane
3. Freckles Chic
4. Thifty Little Blog
5. Life + Style
6. Cold Turkey Veggie
7. Home to Three Duncan Boys
8. Ish & Chi
9. BluLabel Bungalow
10. Design_Aholic