Martha Tip of the Week

Don't you just love Martha Stewart; I loved her way before it was cool to love her - back in high school! She always has great advice and is so helpful. Her ideas always wow me. Back when I was planning my wedding I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, she always had crafty and lofty ideas for brides. I may even have it watched the trashy Martha: Behind Bars staring Cybill Shepherd of course I watched it thanks Lifetime. Well today I came across Martha's Organizing Tip of the Day. She's so clever to think of a tip for each day. Here's my top two for the week.

Martha Tip ONE

Simple felt bag, can be used anywhere from grocery shopping (go green) to carrying books, perfect tote. This will be an upcoming weekend project for me, as soon I have a bit of sanity to my life again. Right now our entire dining room is parked in the living room, thanks to a recent ripping up tile weekend. Click on the How To, the steps in making this felt bag.

Martha Tip TWO

Pretty Patterned Board (magnetic), perfect for an office, kids rooms, the kitchen etc. I could see this in a wide variety of fabrics patterned and solid. How cute would this be, in a solid color and with trimmed with a contrasting ribbon border. Or even using cork instead of the magnetic board. Click on the How To for the simple steps in making is this board. This might be perfect solution for my sons room with the right fabric to help keep him more organized.

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