Roll Out

Roll out, roll that sod out. We decided to tackle the front yard and leave the pesky garden beds alone for a while. Before we laid sod, we killed our front yard with Round Up and Clover Killer. It took a while to kill our lawn, during that time I think our neighbors began to wonder is lazy people moved in.....

Thanks to Craigslist we where able to find a landscaper who rolotiled the yard and then installed our sprinkler system at a good rate. The found yard is a pretty good size, roughly 1000sq feet.

We decided to make the rest of the front yard a DIY project. The sod arrived bright and early at 6am. I wanted to help my husband lay the sod, but each roll must have weighed 50 pounds. I decided to take pictures and make lunch!

We had 2 1/2 pallets delivered

The makings of a curb appeal

From this....

To this....

{ We painted our house right before we laid sod, pictures coming soon after Halloween, our house
 is full of spooky decor! }

EDIT: When laying sod, make sure you stagger each roll so that the seams don't line up. Use an xacto knife to cut pieces of sod. When laying sod over a sprinkler head simply make one slit for the head, that way your sod is seamless. After your sod is installed, water it for twenty minutes in the evening and two times a day. This varies depending out what type of sod your purchased and the weather you live in and season.