Spooky Chic Halloween Wreath

I fell in love with a black feather wreath from Target, just not the price. I decided to be inventive and DIY. I went to Micheals craft store and brought three 6ft fluffy feather boas for $1.99 each. While I was there I also picked up some black ribbon.

On the way home I stopped by The Dollar Tree and brought a $1.00 foam wreath. I applied glue and wrapped the feather boas around the wreath. The result is a spooky chic Halloween wreath.

{ Ignore the lovely writing on my beat-up door! }

FYI: I was browsing Eddie Ross's blog today and came across the feather wreath how to - with great pictures! I forgot to take picturse of the process...oops

His website has many great Halloween Decor ideas!