Moving on Up

We moved in our new home the very first weekend in January. I think I even hummed the theme song to the Jefferson's 'were moving on up to the eastside, we finally got a piece of the pie.' The feeling moving into our new home was exciting. Before we moved into our house, my husband, sister and I scrubbed on our house from top to bottom with TSP Cleaner. Our little house was a foreclosure and had been neglected for quite sometime, but more on that later.
 We did a marathon move in one day, and spent the evening cleaning our tiny two bedroom apartment, gotta get that deposit back, for home improvements! The night before move in day, we changed all the locks.

Day One

Our Tiny Little House on move in day, notice our rolling hills of clover grass and lovely ONE color peach house. Can you see the potential that we saw?

Our first personal touch for house was putting our little patio set on our front porch and our potted plants, it gave us a tiny pop of color. The funny thing is the tiny patio set barley fit on our Apartment patio, now it's a perfect fit. I still do a happy dance that we have a front porch.