Starter Flower Bed

When we brought our little house I knew we had plenty of yard work to do both front and back. The good thing about buying a small home, we have a HUGE lot. Our front yard has a mature flowering tree and 3 large flowering beds in desperate need of wedding and re-configuring.

I couldn't wait to start digging up the flower beds in the front and conquering the weeds and funky vegetation. The main flower looked like it hadn't been touched since 1972 and the other flower bed in front of the porch had a lopsided crumbling brick border. That had to go!

Being a long term renter and only planting in containers, I knew nothing about what flowers would actually grow in the flowers beds. Mom even brought me cute gardening books, I just ooh and ahh over pictures, because lets be honest after awhile all their gardening how to talk can be a snooze.

Flower bed, with 1972 cement boder (Shudder)


Carving Out a New Flower Bed

Flower placement

When Mr. CLH (Chic Little House) and I left Home Depot we had a cart full of flowers and mulch. We soon learned it looked like we bought 4 plants and barley any mulch, talk about one of the 1st home owner shocks. We quickly got back to work.

All Planted, and looking dinky. Do you see the little tree like bush on the right? That's actually a Camilla Tree we moved from a 'Hot Spot' in our other flower bed. It was burning from too much sun, so we moved it and hoped for the best. It did good for the first couple of days. Then by day four it was pretty much dead. I was in denial for weeks, thinking it would come back. Then when my dad was visiting he asked why we had a dead tree on our flower bed. I touched it and poor little Camilla tree fell over.