Drab Living Room

Along with cleaning our house with TSP Cleaner from top to bottom, I knew we needed to paint our living room before we even moved in. The walls and ceiling were all a funky green color, the baseboards were natural wood - not our style. We hated the ceiling fan, it looked oh so cheap. Our original 1956 hardwood floors were thrashed from years of neglect. We loved the original front door, but the glass panel was broken, yet anther thing to fix. We had challenges to face, but I could see good bones under all the drabness (is that a word). Oh and we had a lovely air condition wall unit in the living room, the previous owners left the unit in after they upgraded the home to central unit heat and air.

Thrashed Floors

Cheap Ceiling Fan

Time to Prime

Mr. CHL priming the walls & the lovely wall unit (cringe)