I love Target

A couple of months after we brought our home, the Target that is a few minutes from our house was torn down. I was crushed. That only left me Wal-Mart, while I like shopping there it doesn’t wow me like Target does. The closet Target was 20 mins from our house and way out the way of my normal routine.

Fortunately they re-built a brand new Greatland Target. My new Target opened on Saturday, I couldn't wait to stop by after my sons soccer game. There's just something about Target I love, the aisles are bright and cheery and they always have new great decor items. My Target even has a grocer section and of course Starbucks! I decided to snoop in the grocer section and see what goods they have: They have fresh pizza, a yummy variety of cheese, good assortment of appetizer items, and fruit. I bought raspberries and strawberries for a great price.