Small Home Style: Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

I typically share Small Home Style ideas on Monday, but since next week is a long Holiday weekend, I thought I would share today instead. For all my new readers, I started the design series Small Home Style to help fellow smaller home dwellers with design challenges. Decorating and a small home for real life can be difficult, and I'm all about style + function. 

One of the questions I get often asked about is my master bathroom vanity in our small bathroom addition. We rebuilt our home four years ago, at the time was difficult finding a small, stylish bathroom vanity that would work in small space. Ideally, I wanted a vanity that had an open bottom shelf to help provide additional storage in our small bathroom. When I did find a vanity I liked, it was way over budget. All the vanities in the style I wanted were easily over a $1000+ for just the vanity. I wanted the look of Pottery Barn but with a Target Budget. Makes sense right? 

Instead of buying a combination vanity + vanity top, I purchased a vanity and a quartz top separately to save money. I did a little digging around on The Home Depot website and was able to locate the exact vanity we purchased! In our bathroom we have the Home Decorator’s Avondale Vanity, we had the vanity shipped free to store and installed by our contractor. I didn’t love wood finish on the vanity, but it checked off all the boxes with the look I had in mind. I liked the open bottom shelf, that gave me additional storage to hold towels and toilet paper in baskets, and I liked that the vanity felt more like furniture than a cabinet. Plus the vanity fit perfectly in our snug bathroom. 

About a year later I painted the vanity Coastal Storm, and while I love that shade of grey it just never felt quite right with the counter top. Eventually, I plan to paint the vanity Tricorn Black and add trim around the doors to create more depth. Maybe I’ll finally tackle this project on the over the long Holiday Weekend (stay tuned) also; I’m also updating the hardware for a more modern look. 

Below is my bathroom when it's all perfectly lovely and styled and not between projects. On the bottom shelf, I have a pair of these woven baskets (currently on sale!) that fit perfectly underneath and stylish hold our extra towels and sheets. 

Three Ideas to Customize a Bathroom Vanity 

ONE: Paint, it's always the best go-to when a piece of furniture needs an update!  
TWO: Swap out the hardware that comes with your vanity for something more custom
THREE: Instead of buying a matching vanity set, purchase the vanity and counter separately and splurge on a quartz or marble top or visit a stone yard and have a vanity top custom made. 

As I mentioned, it can be hard to find a stylish petite bathroom vanity that doesn’t feel chintzy and generic. I’ve rounded up 15 small bathroom vanities ranging in size from 24 - 36 inches in various sizes. All the vanities in my roundup are under $500; some need vanity counter tops, and most are available in white, grey or dark walnut finishes.  

15 Small Bathroom Vanities 

BATHROOM VANITIES: Top Row L-R Gazette Grey Vanity // Glacier Bay // Diamonds Fresh // Kohler Tresham Grey // Second Row L-R Design House Concord // White Vanity // Augustine Vanity // Avondale Vanity // Third Row L-R Diamond Fresh // Gazette Vanity // Albright Vanity // Bottom Row L-R Ashburn Vanity // Winterfell Vanity // Haven Vanity // Teason Vanity

In need more ideas for small bathrooms? This post Small Bathroom Design Solutions is a must read. I'm seriously loving all the pretty vanities, I came across on my search so many options! My favorites are still the ones that have open bottom shelves! Having the open storage is super helpful. One con for my current vanity, the one drawer! My husband and I each share one side, most of my beauty products fit on the drawer, I use a small tray for make-up and holding perfume.

What small bathroom vanity style do you prefer? Have a small home design question? Shoot me an email at