Dining Room Chairs Paint Makeover

I recently gave my dining room chairs and banquette a paint makeover, we've had them for almost four years, and they've held up very well. There were only a few nicks and scratches on the finish until we got a new puppy. Last April we got an adorable chocolate lab puppy, who loved to chew. Even with toys and puppy a Kong, he would still chew on furniture, including our dining room chairs. 

The legs and seat of my dining room chairs all had little teeth marks all over them, including the banquette legs. Ugh! Growing up, we never how indoor pets, so all this chewing was a huge surprise to me. How can something so cute be so destructive?
I partnered with The Home Depot to transform my dining room chairs with the help from the Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer. My chairs turned out incredible.

Head over to The Home Depot blog for the before and see how I gave my dining room chairs a makeover and helped to extend their life. Plus I'm sharing tips on how to use a paint sprayer to achieve a smooth finish.