Rethinking My Bathroom Vanity

A few days ago, I shared a few of the projects I want to tackle in my house. Top priority going to spaces that are used daily and need an overhaul both in style and function. The first space I want to tackle in my home for the New Year is my bathroom. Originally when we bought our home it was a three bedroom one bathroom. While rebuilding our home due to a house fire, we added a master bathroom and closet. That was the best decision ever, especially now that our children are older and share the main bathroom. 

Since moving back into our home, I've tackled a few projects in the bathroom. I painted the bathroom vanity, hung a mirror and adding a new light fixture added baskets in the open shelf area to hold sheets and towels and that's where it stopped. Our bathroom just felt so-so. 

My plan last year was to add trim about the vanity drawers, transforming the flat panel look into shaker style drawers. I also planned to re-paint the vanity either a lighter grey or white and add new hardware. Whelp, the hardware arrived and that's when the plans stalled. 

Sometimes when you keep putting off a project, new ideas start coming into play allowing yourself time to re-access. For the past several months, I've been drawn to black bathroom vanities. I'm loving the contrast of a white bathroom with a deep black vanity and mixture of neutrals. Can you see where this going? Yup, I'm painting my bathroom vanity black! Even though I love love the color grey, heck I even create The Ultimate Grey Paint Guide sharing the best grey paint colors, check it out here. However, in my bathroom, I'm digging a black vanity. These vanities have me swooning. 

image via  My Domaine

image via My Domaine

image via My  Decorpad

image via My Decorpad

image via  Houzz

image via Houzz

I think our existing vanity has the perfect lines to be transformed into a black vanity + our light colored quartz counter will be a great contrast. My gut is telling me go for it! I'm obsessed with the Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams, look how amazing this color is! The door below is painted Tricorn Black and looks so pretty on this door style. I'm so excited to pick up a paint brush and get started! 

image via  Light & dwell

image via Light & dwell

Here's a Quick Rundown of my bathroom plans

  • Transform Vanity Drawers to Shaker Style
  • Paint Bathroom Vanity Tricorn Black
  • Install New Bathroom Pull Hardware 
  • Add Hooks to Hold Towels 
  • Bring in more storage containers, like this (insert link)
  • Add Artwork and Personal Touches
  • Install New Bamboo Shade to Complement Baskets 

On the 'Maybe' List

  • Install a New Light Fixture 
  • Repaint Bathroom or Add Wallpaper 

This week: Finish trimming the bathroom vanity, sand and paint! My plan is to break down each project and check it off my list. Along the way, I'll share the progress on my blog. 

What projects in your home are you excited to tackle this year?