Hello 2017

Happy New Year! Can you believe we're already 17 days into 2017? Looking back at 2016, I'm bummed the projects I had planned to complete, didn't even get touched. My goal was to tackle the following areas: Master Bedroom & Bathroom, Hallway, Linen closet and laundry room. Even though I didn't come close to getting those projects completed, I'm so proud of what I have accomplished. One of my major victories of was moving my blog from Blogspot to SqaureSpace was a huge learning curve, (read more about Why I love SquareSpace) but I did it and even designed my blog myself. I still have a few pages to update, but LOVE how far my blog has come in a year, its honestly thrilling! 

I've decided to put aside the whole notion of New Year resolutions and instead focus on my intentions. I intend to step in to the New Year focusing my intention on designing a life I love, letting go of self doubt. Reminding myself to be grateful everyday with a happy heart. I intend for 2017 to be launching pad for all my wants & desire's I've long talking and thought about. 


  • Entertain More this year & plan Spring Ladies Brunch, I love having friends over and the past year I totally failed at this. Since we moved back into our home after re-building  I've wanted to have a brunch with a girlfriends. It's so on this year!
  • Focus Energy on completing one project at a time, often I feel like a jump form project to project getting nothing really done. 
  • Grow Chic Little House. I plan on growing my blog both in readership, working with brands I love, while discovering new ones. My favorite new blog addition of 2016 was the Small Home Style series, I intend to expand the series showcasing more ideas for small home dwellers.   
  • Top Three Home Projects By focusing on three home projects that will make the biggest impact in our day to day life: Linen Closet, Master Bathroom & Laundry room  
  • Breaking the Process Down when working on projects for 2017 I intend to share the my design and thought process along the way instead of before and afters, because in real life there's no 'HGTV Team' getting that quick 'after' 
  • Blogging Tips I'm a natural born sharer and plan on more behind the scenes blogging tips next year 

Are you a firm believer on making new years resolutions? What are some of your intentions to make 2017 your best year yet?