10 Days of Organizing: 3 Tips for Clutter Free Kitchen

The heart of my home is my kitchen, I love my kitchen most when its organized. In fact getting my kitchen organized has been at the top of my list for 2017. I've spent the first two weekends of 2017, emptying my cabinets and whipping my kitchen cabinets & drawers into shape. I teamed up with 9 other creative bloggers to share 10 Days of Organizing ideas for the home to help kickoff 2017. Yesterday, Whitney from Whitney J Decor shared organizing tips on keeping your home office clean. 

My kitchen is on the small side, and trust me when I say every single inch in my kitchen counts. So its essential to make sure I'm utilizing the storage I do have in a smart way. Today, I'm sharing 3 Tips for a Clutter Free Kitchen.    

1. Donate / Purge / De-clutter

The easiest way to start tackling the clutter in your kitchen is emptying your cabinets and creating three piles: Keep, Toss and Donate. Remember the golden rule when it comes to clothing to donate what you havn't worn in a year? This same idea can be applied to your kitchen items. Take a good look at your small kitchen appliances and decide what you should keep & what needs to be donated. Are you really using that deep fryer, or crock pot? Keep kitchen items you'll actually use and need. 

2. Organize Drawers & Cabinets

In my kitchen I have a row of long drawers; overtime the top drawer became a junk drawer. My junk drawer was filled with useless crap and such a waste of a good drawer. I used two clear drawer organizers  from The Container Store to transform my 'junk' drawer. Half of my drawer holds misc. kitchen tools and the other half is my 'junk drawer.' I filled the 'junk' portion of my drawer is filled with household items I regularly use. The organizer holds batteries, scissors, candles, matches and much more. 

3. Thoughtfully Arrange Everyday Items 

Style your kitchen, in a way that your everyday items are close at hand. Place utensils in  a container near your stove. Display your cutting boards for purpose and style. Place flour and sugar in large glass containers and store on your counters for easy access. Decorate your counters with your cookbooks, I love grouping my baking cookbooks together and displaying on my counters. Having my cook books where I can see them is a good reminder to try something new for dinner. 

I hope my kitchen ideas help inspire you to open your drawers & cabinets and toss what's no longer needed and donate unwanted kitchen items. 

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