Modern Oh So Stylish Planters

For the past several weeks, I've been working on my patio and getting all the elements of the look together. One of my favorite aspects I love most about my patios is all the planters filled with an array of plants. My planters hold a mix of trees, berry bushes, hydrangeas, and hostas with more placed around my patio. One of my favorite planters on my patio below is the Iris Planter, I bought last year from West Elm. I'm obsessed with this planter, and its such a fantastic statement piece on our patio. The easiest way to add a colorful look on a patio or porch is layering in a container garden. Having a variety of varying style planters on your patio or porch is a fun, eclectic way to add style to your patio. I also love that you can easily move your planters - around creating a whole new look. 

I've rounded up my favorite stylish modern planters which are perfect inside and outside to add a punch of chic to your spaces. I have major heart eyes for planters five and six, and I'm pretty sure they'll be new additions in my home very soon! 

To help take the guesswork out of what to plant inside the gorgeous modern planters, below are plant and planter combinations that look so good together! On my patio, I have the last two combinations: the Iris Planter + Philodendron Xanadu combination. The large Philodendron Xandu looks right at home in the large Iris planter, its seriously my new favorite plant - move over Fiddle Leaf Fig! Next to my patio door, I paired a large modern planter with a Pink Lemonade Dwarf Tree, it's such a pretty & fun combination. I love the look of trees in large planters; remember, using planters gives the ability to move planters around. I love how the planters & plant combinations look on my patio, they add so much interest and color to my outdoor living areas. 

What are your favorite planters for your home, and plant & planter combinations?