Cottage Studio Tour

I'm so excited to share the progress of my Cottage Studio. If your new around here in the fall I teamed up with The Home Depot & TUFF Shed for a dream making project to transform a 10 x12 shed into a She Shed, which I lovingly refer to as my Cottage Studio. When first envisioning my shed transformation, I knew I wanted the space to be my creative hub & the HQ of Chic Little House. As a small home dweller with a generous backyard, having a studio in my backyard is the perfect combination. Read these posts for more information on the project (Cottage Studio Behind the Scenes Part I & Part II

Since completing my project & sharing on The Home Depot Apron blog, I've made a few style changes and outlining a few projects I'm tackling from now until Spring. When you first walk into the Cottage your, typically greeted by a round table.


I love that the table acts as a foyer or sorts. One the back wall, the Parsons bookcases hold lots of storage: sewing machine, books, craft items and magazines. One the bottom shelf, I have fabric on the baskets. I'm a fabric hoarder and love that I can keep the fabrics organized and in one spot. 

I love my Parsons desk and that while I'm working I can look outside which makes me extra happy. On the empty wall next to my desk, I plan on placing a large cork board. I love have inspiration boards that help me see my vision.


On the other side of the studio is my corner window with a window seat. I love window seats and so excited to add one in here. I love pulling on the table to my window seat when I want to have a cup a coffee and chill. It's also a perfect spot for friends to sit when they stop over to visit. 

As I mentioned I have a few projects I plan on tackling in my studio, inside and out. 


  • Add a large comfy rug (I changed my mind on a rug options I recently shared, and finally found the one!) 
  • Add a large Corkboard
  • Finish Hanging Artwork 
  • Comfy Chair for desk 


  • Build / Buy Window boxes 
  • Add more plants & vines around the cottage to help 'blend into yard' like it was always apart of our backyard 
  • Replace 'blah' concrete pavers with brick steps 

I can't wait to tackle the some of these projects, I'm most looking forward to the rug addition! If you had a she shed, what would you use yours for? A creative hub, a space to getaway? I'd love to hear.