10 Esstential Blog Updates That Every Blogger Should Know

It’s hard to believe we’re already 32 days into 2016. It doesn’t take long before the Sparkle of the New Year wears off. Soon we’re back to our old habits and all our goals either seem unimportant or we just feel like we don’t have time. A few weeks back, I was faced with a never ending task list for my blog when I was designing my blog to move to SquareSpace. Designing my site really made me sit down and think about my blog design with a Critical Eye. I asked myself what was essential for my blog and was I adding visual clutter in a non-helpful way. I love blogging and most of all I want my blog to be inspiring, helpful and easy to search.

I reached out to my sweet friend Lauren of ColorHug.com a blog friend turned real life friend (seriously people we’re on Google video chat 1x a week and constantly emailing / texting up a storm). Lauren is actually the person who suggested I make the jump from the Blogger platform to SquareSpace. Lauren is a graphic designer by trade selling paper goods and offering business tips and advice to bloggers who are looking to take their blog to the next level.

There’s something about the New Year that makes you want to declutter and freshen things up and this also totally applies to your blog. Often we put our blog tidying up on the back burner. After having several great conversations about essential musts for blog design, Lauren and I decided to team up and collaborate on a blog post geared towards helping other bloggers with useful information on updating their blog. With both Lauren and I designing our own blogs and going through a series of checklists, this made perfect sense to share with others.

I’m over at ColorHug.com today sharing my thoughts on essential blog updates; hop over to get all of the ‘that totally makes sense’ information! See you over there!