Mudroom Update & Plans

As I mentioned yesterday, I have four projects around my house that are an absolute must to tackle this year. Everyday, I'm thankful that during the re-building over our house we decided to add an indoor laundry room / mudroom off our kitchen. Seriously friends, it was a game changer, not only did the addition make doing laundry more enjoyable but it also created and entry / exit from our garage and backyard. As a smaller home dweller, I know this petite space could be so much more functional. I planned on tackling this area last year but didn't make it a priority, and I'm now thankful I've given myself even more time to really make this area work. A few months after moving back into our home, I purchased a bench that planned on recovering (I still do!) and then painted the inside of the door (see here). After living with the door color for quite a while, I realized its time to mix things up. 

I plan on painting the inside of the door a medium grey, the same color as the inside of our front door which I love and can't get enough of. I'm also hanging a large coat rack, After a recent stop into Pottery Barn, I was smitten with the Cast Iron 6 Row of Hooks, the rack is super nice and huge & heavy! I picked this pretty up on sale + used a 20% off coupon and got free shipping, all signs pointed to buy me! Since we removed our hallway closet to make our kitchen larger, I've had no where to hang our guests coats and no spot to keep my purse & hang up my keys. I'm forever losing my car keys, so having a "spot" for them is a long overdue must. 

via Pottery Barn

Over the weekend, we plan on installing our new coat rack and I'll get started on painting the inside of the laundry room door. In addition to the coat rack, I'm adding artwork, including the one in the above photo from Minted called 'Rooftops of Paris its so pretty! I love how stacked artwork looks, so I plan on adding a few more prints in our mudroom. 

When I first started blogging years ago, most bloggers back then would share their design process, I love seeing how spaces would evolve over time. Somewhere down the line, that all stopped and it would be one big before & after reveal. I miss seeing the progression of a room, because that's real life, in real life rooms are designed over time. There's no crew from HGTV that shows up and revamps the space in a few hours. In real life revamping a space can take several months are longer. Since I have four projects, I'm tackling around my house, my plan is to share the entire process start to finish. So next time when share my laundry room, I'll share my starting point and where I'm headed. 

How do you like seeing the design process of room, from start to finish or the big after?