Lamps Your Home Needs

I love a good lamp, let's face it good lighting is everything. In my home, have many lighting options for each room, for instance in my living room we have recessed lighting and center overhead lighting. But the lighting I love using the most in my living room is our lamps. We have three lamps, two are twins and one is a cousin, lol so to speak all gourd lamps. If you have outdated or too small lamps in your home, I've put together a guide to help you swap out those dated lamps and bring in new pretty lighting. These lamps bases will look good in any room: Gourd lamps, Jug Lamps, Column lamps and Ginger Jar lamps.

These lamp styles are timeless and look good in both modern and classic homes. If your home is more on the modern side, consider using a more modern silhouette of the Ginger Jar Lamp and Column Lamp, since those lean towards more classic. When selecting lamps for your rooms, keep in mind the scale of the lamp. The last thing you want is a dinky pair of lamps in a large living room [ trust me ]. In the past, I've bought a dinky pair of lamps and once they where home, realized very fast they where way too small, back they went to the store. Consider looking for lamps that are 24 inches and taller, also keep in mind the diameter of the lamps, making sure they're not too wide for their intended space. 

Let's be real, lamps can be crazy expense and range in prices from $50 bucks to hundreds and hundreds of dollars. For pretty lamps at fantastic prices shop Wayfair // Overstock // Marshall's // Home Goods and Target (with most Target lamps carried in store, remember scale is key!) I've seen several amazing ginger jar lamps at Home Goods, they also carry lots of Gourd lamps. Also check out West Elm // Crate and Barrel // Lamps Plus 

If you love the thrill of the hunt,  visit your local consignment stores and thrift stores, you just might luck out and a find a perfect pair of lamps. In the past, I've found a few lamps for a steal for my home at consignment stores and thrift stores. Cheers to good lighting and happy lamp shopping. What are your favorite lamp styles?