Bedding Refresh with Whim

My favorite time of the year to do a bedding refresh is in Spring. Spring always feels like a re-fresh for the soul, its the time of the year your home gets a nice deep cleaning, pillows get refreshed and windows get opened first thing in the morning letting crisp cool air fill your home. 

I love anything Martha, as in Martha Stewart and was thrilled (huge understatement) 
to team up with Martha Stewart Living and complete a Spring bedding makeover with the new bedding line Martha Stewart Whim, now available at Macy's in store March and online. I've been a long time Martha fan, I love that she effortlessly combines chic, timeless in all things she touches. My oldest sons bedding has been in need of a fresh look for Spring season, the plan is to layer in key pieces of bedding essentials from Whim with a few of his existing bedding. 

For his new bedding we choose the Martha Stewart Whim Different Strokes Quilt, along with the Different Strokes Sham paired with Stripe Sheets. To say I love how his bedding refresh turned out is an understatement. His bed now looks so grownup, comfortable, while still looking like a teen. I'm a huge believer in making sure kids rooms feels like the kid that actually dwells in the room. I'm happy to say this feels like my son. 

 I also love the pretty quilted stitching detail on the quilt and how each strip almost feels brushed on and relaxed verses pretty lines. 

Just had to share this picture of Martha Stewart from her modeling days in NYC, love that her iconic image is on the her new bedding line. In addition to these cute stripe sheets from Martha Stewart Whim, there are several more sheet collections that your going to love too, from cute dots, floral prints and cute flamingos! To see more of Martha's new collection, please click here

My son is super happy with how his Spring refresh turned out, he said his bed feels perfectly comfortable and perfect for hours of playing on his WII U, and that makes me happy! Next up on our agenda for his room is hanging up more artwork, shelves for storage and possibly a desk revamp / change up. Stay tuned.  

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