Our Paint Colors

One the questions I'm asked most often about our house is, what color our walls? House? Front Door? Inside of Front Door? Trim and Laundry room Door? I've shared the colors in the past, in various posts during the re-building process of our home, if your a new reader to Chic Little House read more here. I needed a blog post that was easy to find for the questions I get asked most. Let's start with the interior of our house, shall we?

Up first is our living room, I'm sharing various pictures of living room in the past few though months plus is varying light. Our living room, Dining Room walls are painted Designer Grey, all of our interior trim is Swiss Coffee by Kelly Moore, color matched by Sherwin Williams. The inside of our front door is Elephant Skin by Behr. 

Originally the inside of our front door was painted white and it just felt to safe and boring for our pretty door. I painted the inside of our door Elephant Skin by Behr. 

Below is the color code information for Designer Grey, I found the color at our local hardware store Meeks and the original color swatch went missing, so I'm not sure who the manufacturer of the color is. I've Googled like crazy and no luck yet. 

  As I mentioned earlier our dining room is also painted Designer Grey, hands down my favorite color grey. 

In our laundry room, we went a subtle taupe grey shade Smooth Stone by Glidden. Here's a view of our laundry room, months ago. I have plans to overhaul this area and create a space that works for my family, sharing my plans this week on the blog. The inside of our door is Bali Bliss by Behr. 

Both our boys bedroom are also painted Designer Grey, its such a nice grey that looks so good in every space.

We used Smooth Stone by Glidden in our master bedroom again. 

Now for our exterior house colors. Our exterior is Pier by Behr, trim is Ultra White Sherwin Williams paint and front door is a shade of chartreuse Antiquity by Sherwin Williams.

Our laundry room door to our patio is also painted Antiquity by Sherwin Williams

As you can tell went with two main colors for our walls thoughout our house due to budget constraints during our re-build, which looking back well over a year I'm so happy it worked out that way! I love the the colors and don't see myself changing them up anytime soon, but more on that when I share my laundry room plans this week.