Going Bold in a Laundry Room

Sometimes, little spaces need to be bold with use of colors, patterns and textures. That sums up, how I'm feeling about my own little laundry room.It's been at a standstill for months, we were able to pretty it it up by adding large scale artwork for the HGTV Magazine Shoot, but since then it feels lackluster. I've identified whats working and what's not. I really want to give my full attention to a few areas in our home that have received little love since moving back home and one of those spaces is our laundry room. Top priority is repairing the drywall behind our artwork, I shared the fiasco of cabinet hanging in a prior post. We also need to fix our wood counter top, it got beat up during the whole ordeal. I'd honestly love to replace the counter top with butcher block, if I can find the right depth and if its budget friendly!

While the walls in my house of neutral with color layered in with lamps, colorful pillows, and rugs for my laundry room I'm gravitating toward throwing colors on the walls with either wallpaper (possibly the removable kind) or stenciling the walls and adding in artwork. Our laundry room is on the small size and also doubles as our mudroom / entrance to our backyard / kitchen and garage! There's a total of three exits and entrances into this small space, that's why I totally feel it could handle and needs all the pattern and fun it can get! 
I did a quick sketch on my lunch break to share a few ideas, so you can visualize my thoughts. 

Here's a quick little rundown of my plans for our laundry room that also officially doubles as a mudroom. 
  • Subway Tile back-splash about washer & dryer
  • Pattern on the walls via: Stencil or Wallpaper
  • Possibly repaint the interior door, Chartreuse?
  • Recover the bench with bright cheeky fabric?
  • Add Mini Gallery or Large Frame (kids artwork, I picture a blown up artwork that one my kids made framed)
  • Install Floating Shelves above Washer & Dryer 
  • Add a peg rail or hooks above bench to hold bags, umbrellas and coats. This is critical, our home has no coat closet! I know, crazy right? I actually had it removed during our re-building using the extra space to make our bathroom and kitchen larger, priorities! 
  • New Rug? Maybe a natural weave rug? 
These pretty and bold laundry rooms / mudroom combinations that are getting my creative energies flowing!

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Have you been drooling over these pretty patterned laundry room walls, I like I have? See how amazing these walls look splashed in color and pattern? 

What are you thoughts on making small rooms feel cheerful and spacious?