Avery's Gallery Wall

Avery's gallery wall is pretty much completed and I'm thrilled with how it looks in his room! Thrilled is understatement more like happy dance! His gallery wall has been about 3/4 of the way done for months! In our home feature in HGTV Magazine is gallery wall 'looked finished', one of those 'tricks of the trade' while in reality there was no artwork past the Monsters print. Mostly a few blank areas, I needed to fill in. 

His room, is one of the happiest rooms in our home. I love that his gallery wall reflects his big personality and includes a meaningful artwork that he loves. Instead of filing his wall with lots of smaller scale pieces, I choose bigger print sizes, mixed in with one or two smaller prints. One of my favorite pieces of art on his wall is the Giving Tree print, which is Avery's favorite bedtime book. The print is 18x24 which anchors the wall as of the the focal points. 

Below, I've listed all the sources on Avery's Gallery wall. 
1. I Think I Can: Etsy Shop Miss Jill McDonald 2. Coffee Filter Watercolor Leaf: Artist Avery 3. You Are the Apple of My Eye: Etsy Shop Where is Alex 4. Monster Mash: Minted Artist Sharon Rowan 5. I Love You to the Moon and Back: Etsy Shop The Penny Paper Co 6. The Giving Tree: Etsy Shop All Geeky Prints 7. Butterfly in Orange & Blue: Artist Avery 8. Little Love Bug (with Avery's name on Banner): Minted Artist Jesse Steury 9. Sticks and Stones: Minted Artist Lindsey Johnson 10. Oscar Wile Quote: Etsy Shop AlbeeStudio

Currently there are two empty spots on his gallery wall which, I'll either fill up with artwork or leave the gaps. For now I like the gaps and how the artwork flows on his wall from one side to the other, that's why I considered his gallery mostly done. I have a few other recent updates to Avery's room, that I'll be sharing on the blog soon! 
 Another one my favorite prints is the Oscar Wilde quote from Etsy Shop Albee Studio. The quote says, 'Be yourself everyone else is already taken.' That's exactly who I want Avery to be, himself :) 

I also love the many other prints from Etsy Shop Albee Studio. Tomorrow, I'll be hosting a Giveaway on my blog to win a few prints of your choice from Albee's shop! Make sure you stop by in the morning for a chance to win! In the meantime, visit Albee's shop on Etsy. 

What do you think of Avery's Gallery wall? Should I fill up those two gaps in his wall with artwork or leave them be?