A Dose of Orange

I recently shared one of my favorite ways to add color in a space is using colorful lamps! I also mentioned we recently ordered a new pair of lamps for our living room, now that they've arrived and are unpacked, I can share! 

I really wanted to infuse orange lamps in our living room, I think orange adds that extra layer of color and oomph that our living room needed. Plus orange plays so nicely with the shades of chartreuse and turquoise we have throughout our living areas. I was recently having a color conversation with my friend Summer about colors [we like to talk lots of design shop] and she shared with me, what orange means and I thought I'd share it will all of you. 

I'm thrilled with our new lamp addition to our home, yay! Can I also enthusiastically add these lamps look so good and look so good with my turquoise lamp! Speaking our my turquoise lamp, remember when I scored a pair of Robert Abbey lamps from a local consignment store for a killer price?? Well, here's the deal, I only have one left! My little one, broke my lamp while I was at a hair appoint last year [in daddy's care] totally broke my lamp loving heart and I'm only now able to talk about it! 

Without further adieu, here are my two new favorite lamps!! I'm in love with their style and color! This injection of orange is just what our living room needed. 

I love how orange lamps, brings out the shades of orange in the butterfly artwork. I brought the Safavieh Pamela Gourd lamps from Wayfair during a lighting sale. I love that they're sold in a pair making them even more affordable. 

Do you have colorful lamps in your home?