Tour My Home in HGTV Magazine

I'm have some super exciting big news to share that's making this girl walk on cloud nine, even ten if that saying existed. My house, pretty much the entire house is featured in the Hours Tours section on HGTV Magazine October 2014 issue!!! I've been wanting to share this exciting news for months, every since the photo shoot at our home in late June happened, but I was sworn to secrecy and not even allowed to hint, tweet or even Instagram a hint! Talk about tough, since by nature I'm a self proclaimed sharer. We're in the issue below, isn't it a dreamy issue to be apart of! 

If you follow me on IG then you may have seen me mention the exciting news over there. Funny story, I had no clue issue was out on the shelves until my girl

Lakietha of

Wrist Soire

e tagged me, letting me know she spotted me and my family in the latest issue on HGTV Magazine. Cue, my total Cali girl reaction saying OMG at least a dozen times! 

Three stores later on Saturday, Hasani and I finally found the issue at Barnes & Noble! Later that evening after sharing the news on Instagram, I finally read the article had a rush of a emotions. 

The article in HGTV Magazine shares the story of our house fire in July 2012 along with the year long rebuilding process and floor plan changes we made. 

Mostly my emotions where about being grateful that my family was unharmed in the fire and we only lost belongings. 

I'm so grateful for my readers, always having encouraging words for me and uplifting my spirits when I was at my lowest

. Sweet comments or just sending my a 'hi' email meant and still means the world to me

. For me blogging has always been my creative outlet and it really helped me even more during the rebuilding phase, being able to share all the excitement and to rebuild our home and love it back to life. As most of you know, I really dove head first into making sure our home was exactly how we wanted it while working within our budget. From making sure we used every square inch of kitchen layout in wise way, to determining where outlets and light switches should go. I'm so thankful we found an amazing contractor 'who got our vision' I loved working his team and rebuilding relationships with all the sub-contractors too! 

We've spend the past few years rebuilding our lives due to the fire, rebuilding, settling in our home and now sharing our story beyond my blog and with the readers of HGTV Magazine. 

Now let's take a little peek inside. 

I'm working on post about all the behind the scenes details about the 3 Day photo shoot: sharing how they found me, a birthday celebration we had during the photo shoot, how sweet Jennifer Berno from HGTV Magazine is, how much I enjoyed stylist Elizabeth Demos who was sweet enough to share a bit of though process and course what an amazing photographer Lisa Romerein is! It was such a fun shoot, full of full laughter and great conversation and exciting insight into the entire process. I enjoyed every minute of it! 

Now run and go get yourself a coffee and curl up with the October Issue of HGTV and 

There's so much more to see and of course read in the magazine! I can't wait to hear your thoughts and hope you love our home as much as we do! 

Have you picked up the October issue of HGTV?