Celebrating the New Year

Christmas has come and gone and now its time to gear up and celebrate 2014. Wow even typing 2014 is truly crazy lol. For our New Years we stayed at home making Chinese Takeout at home, watched a few movies and opened fortune cookies and toasted at Midnight. I must confess, I barely made it to midnight! I snapped a picture of my tinsel 2014 numbers for my Instragram friends and wanted to share this with all of you!

I got the tinsel number idea from Martha Stewart, they made for a fun sparkly way to ring in the New Year. The numbers were super fun and simple to create. I used 4 rolls of 50ft tinsel garland I bought at the Dollar Tree, cardboard and a hot glue glue. I drew the numbers on cardboard, cut them out and then wrapped the tinsel around each number. I plan on saving these numbers and making a 5 for next year :) Yup, this blogger is already thinking ahead. I was also thinking of all the fun things you can make with tinsel garland or tissue paper year round for parties: kids birthday numbers, picture a large 1 all decorated in tinsel or tissues. Or spelling out names for parties, creating a large heart for Valentines Day etc. 

I hope everyone had a safe an Happy Holiday!! Happy New year friends!