Christmas Decor Ideas

Om Monday, I shared our colorful Christmas decorations with a mixture of fresh winter greenery, if you missed the post click here to read it. I've gathered some pretty Holiday inspirations to help kick off your decorations and put a new spin of traditional Holiday decorating. 

Hang Wreaths Everywhere
Wreaths look pretty hung over a mirror, inside a window, over interior doors, in the kitchen and in your kids rooms. They look pretty everywhere


Hang Fresh Garland 
In my house I hung fresh garland above our front door entry and over over our doorway. Its amazing how pretty fresh Christmas greenery looks in your house. Consider hanging it above windows and doorways, on your staircase and draped over your fireplace. Add extra glam to it by hanging ribbons, ornaments and holiday cards from it.  

(via Pinterest)
Create Garlands & Mistletoe with Felt
Felt looks so pretty and festive transformed into garland hanging from windows, on your tree or banisters or even turned into a kissing ball. The ideas are endless. 

(via Pinterest)
Add Pretty Bows & Gift Tags
Make presents feel extra special buy wrapping the gift in a pretty Bow

(via Chateleine)

I hope you enjoyed a few fun ideas to add to your Holiday Decor this Christmas. If your looking for more ideas for your home, check out my Holiday Pinterest Board