Its Getting There

Since moving back in our home a few months ago after re-building our house due to a fire, I've been in the constant state of bouncing around from various projects [did you notice that too?] I work on areas around on home verses completing an entire room then going to the next project. Mostly due to what's on sale and priority of need etc. Our living room hasn't received much love love in the past few months. Which is odd because its the first room you walk into when you enter our home, its also where we spend our time as a family since our small rancher has no separate family room.  

So far we've added a pair of matching sofas, added a grey Dhurrie rug with a large scale print and sprayed painted a coffee table found via Criagslist. I also recently refinished a vintage campaign dresser I found out a antique store, that we're now using as our TV Stand. We found that all the drawers in the dresser are the perfect size to hold our constant growing DVD collection. I few weeks ago I painted the inside of our front door a deep grey. The new interior color adds so much color in our living room and helps define our small entry. 

With the long Holiday weekend, I wanted to knock some things off my to do list. Namely making our living room feel more like us and a little more like home. Before I share our living rooms recent new additions, lets look at how far our living room has come this year. Earlier this year our living room was completely gutted down to the studs along with our entire home. During the rebuilding phase of our home, we decided to widen our doorway between our living room and dining and kitchen, I'm so happy we did this! This change makes a huge difference, our home now feels more open and even bigger. 

Our living room after being dry walled and our new door hung, love how you can start seeing our home taking shape again. 

Finally our living room right before more in, lots of blank walls and good bones. 

After months of trying to decide what drapes to go with for our living room, I decided to keep it simple and go with linen drapes. Since most of the drapes will be blocked by our sofa that sits in front of it, I though a pretty neutral would help break up all the grey we currently have going on. Plus, I've always loved pretty white drapes [who doesn't?] I hung a black curtain rod, the same one that's in our dining room high and wide. We have eight feet ceilings and crown molding, I didn't want to hang the too high so I opted to hand them 10 inches below the crown molding and 10 beyond the window in each side. I ended up buying Ikea Aina Curtains in white for our living room, I loved that they were 100% linen so I knew that would hang nicely. I also used the same drapes in Avery's nursery in chartreuse. After months of having no window coverings, I'm so happy we finally have pretty ones hanging up!! I love how drapes really soften the lines of windows and make a room feel a little more polished and finished.

The drapes come 98 inches long, I used my sewing machine to hem the length about 6.5 inches. Even though the color states white, they're more of a creamy white then a bright white. I'm finally getting around to finishing up some pillows for our sofas, so far four down and four more to go. I can't wait to get the pillows down, they'll bring in so much color! I also added a black and white throw I picked up at Ikea, hands down besides my faux fur throw its my favorite throw! I love keep throws in baskets for winter cuddles or our sofas for even easier access. 

Our living room is still in need of several things: artwork, side tables, lamps, maybe a small console table? And more personal touches. The good thing is, its getting there, which is such an amazing feeling. 

Our living room now is filled up with Christmas, which I'll be sharing on Monday along with lots of Holiday inspired posts from Holiday Decor Ideas & Gift Guides. 

Have a great weekend!