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On Monday a shared an update on Avery's toddler room, finally added a Flor Rug in his space. In addition I also upgraded how his books are now displayed. Over the weekend, I stopped into a consignment store near our house just looking around hoping to find furniture to fill some empty spaces in our home. I didn't find any furniture, but I did find cute bookends for Avery's room. He currently has two bookcases in his room, one dedicated to his board books and the other one for his toys. I was keeping less toddler friendly books on the toy bookcase on a shelf [read: the ones that tear easy & pop-up books] but there were a little too in his gasp and I was afraid he'd tear into them before he learned to be more gentle with his books. Plus most of them were gifts from Grandma and I wanted to keep them extra safe. When I saw the bookends, I knew they were the perfect solution for his books. 

Only one problem with the book ends, they are dark brown not exactly happy colorful bookends I was picturing for Avery's room. Have no fear, spray paint to the rescue! I'm not a huge fan of spray paint [at least me doing the spray painting!] because I get drips etc. This time around, I used a sheet of plastic and spray painted the bookends indirect sunlight and took my time doing thin coats of paint, allowing the color to build over time. 

I'm happy to report my spray painting skills have increased no drips in sight. I used Valspar Spray paint  + primer in one in stain finish, in the color New Avocado. I though a bright fun color would compliment the dark tones in his bookcase and also look nice with his Roman Shades & Pillow I made for his bedroom. I love how the bookends turned out, they look so much more kid friendly! They are super heavy which is great, because I know over time his book collection will continue to grow. I placed the books in the in middle of his toy bookcas, right next to his toddler art caddy.

Yay for the power of paint! I'm always amazed how it can truly transform a piece both big and small. In this case take 'grownup' looking bookends and make this youthful. 

What's the last thing you tackled with spray paint?