Our Bedroom in Progress

The last time I shared our bedroom on the blog, it was right before we moved back in our home and it was a blank empty slate. We decided on our bedroom layout, we love our bed facing the french doors, a portion of the bed also faces a small wall which fits our dresser perfectly. 

One of my favorite thrift store buys to date is the blue lamps I bought from Salvation Army for only $8.00 each. I love how they look in our bedroom. 

Here's the view of our bedroom when you walk in the room. The window is new, our old window is where the new opening to our french doors and closet and bathroom are. Right now our view outside our bedroom is the side of our neighbors garage. In the future maybe next Spring, I want to install a trellis and grow pretty flowering vines on it. Add some color to our view. I'm still deciding on drapes for the bedroom and french door. 

We plan to hang the TV on the wall above our dresser soon, thankfully we have the electricians install our plug on the wall so it should go smoothly and we'll have no cords showing. I've been on the lookout for a small console table to site on the wall next to the french doors. I'm picturing a pretty mirror or artwork to go above it. 

We have a little nook in our bedroom that would be perfect for either a chair or a petite settee, of course I'd love a little settee on the spot. My little fiddle fig leaf tree has been hanging in there, it was doing really well then a toddler who shall remain nameless found it irresistible and torn a few leafs off. It's slowly making a recovery now that moved it into this spot.   

While I love our simple white bedding, I plan on mixing in some colors. Here's a reminder of the fabric I plan I using in the space. 

I plan on covering the Euro pillows with the floral fabric, and the two smaller pillows either the chevron print or geometric fabric. I'm constantly reminded how amazing my friends are, my girlfriend Summer come across this large down bolster and bought it for me she knew it would be perfect for my bed. I love the size of it and plan on covering the bolster in the velvet fabric. As for our extra down alternative comforter at the foot of our bed, I plan on finding a pretty pattern duvet to bring in more color. 

That's our bedroom progress so far, lots of plans to transform our bedroom into a special retreat for Hasani and I. 

What do you think so far?