And They're Up

For the past few days in little sewing spurts early in the morning and late at night, I've been sewing the drapes for our dining room. If your one of my Instagram Friends then you already got a sneak peak of our new drapes. I finished them on Saturday and love how they came out, I decided to sew back tab style drapes for our dining room. I just love the look for those type of drapes they back tabs create pretty folds in the fabric, I'm sharing an updated How To on Tuesday [you may remember my original drapes in our dining room where also back tabs] I went with back hardware from Target for the curtain rod. I love how the black hardware pops against our light grey walls and crown molding. 

Once I finish our painting our vintage dining room table [yup, still working on it!] we'll take off the lovely plastic on the drum shade and decided on the final height its going to hang in our dining 

The fabric I used is called Gazebo Cloud by Breamore, I purchased the fabric online via Mary Jo's Cloth Store

I'm so happy I had the urge to sew the past few days, I'm ones of those people who have to be in the mood to sew, to actually want to sew lol. Now that the drapes for the dining room are done, I'll be finishing the table and looking for artwork. Tomorrow, I'll share my tweaked How To for sewing back tab drapes. 

What do you think of the drapes? What was your last sewing project you recently completed?