Adding Glass to Kitchen Cabinet Doors

As a mentioned a few weeks back one of our finishing touches for our kitchen is adding glass for our cabinet door uppers. We ordered our kitchen cabinets from a local company, knowing that glass would have to be ordered separate. The cabinet company estimated the glass plus insulation would run over a $100.00. We decided it made more sense for our DIY this step & save money. I measured the inside of both our cabinet doors width and length and bought the measurements to a local glass company Pennington & Sons click here for the link for any Sacramento Locals in need of glass or windows etc. & nope I'm not getting compensated for mentioning the company, just really liked their customer service and attention to detail. 

I loved all the different glass options available, but in the end I love the look of clear glass doors on cabinets. It's the look we always planned to have in our kitchen, we even had the middle of our old cabinet doors cut out and planned on installing glass inserts. I ordered two large pieces of glass both measuring 11 7/8 x 36 7/8 for $ 28 [$14 bucks each glass panel] While I was there, I also ordered 6 panes of glass for our linen cabinet doors, read more about my linen cabinet plans here

I removed our cabinet doors and left the hinges on our cabinet face frame, it seemed easier to me than removing the doors and hinges. After removing both cabinet door frames, I placed them both on the dining room table, so I would have a nice safe overnight drying zone for the door frames after installing the glass.

To install the glass panels in the cabinets, I used GE Silicone II Window & Door caulk to adhere the glass panels to the inside our cabinet door frames. The silicone caulk was around $3 bucks. I spread a medium squiggly thick line of silicone one the inside of the door frame. Hasani and I carefully placed the glass back inside of the door frame. We placed misc. kitchen items on top of the glass to help weigh the glass down while the silicone dried. 

We kept the misc. kitchen items on the glass for around 10 hours to allow the silicone to fully dry. Hasani re-attached the cabinet doors and I smiled and snapped a few pictures. Yay for glass reflections! 

It's amazing how finished our kitchen feels just by adding the glass to our once empty doors. I know I'm only sharing a small spinets, but I'm planning on sharing our mostly finished kitchen next week. We're still deciding on our cabinet hardware while I'll share once it arrives.

Have you've done any quick and affordable updates to your kitchen lately?