Oh Crape Myrtle Tree

We're in the planning on stages of re-imagining both our front and backyard, more to come on this topic next week [big plans to share] Virtually everything has died the past year our home was under construction and during the waiting stages. In our backyard there are a few trees we plan on having removed. Two of the three tress are dead and the third one is diseased. I've been smitten with Crepe Myrtles trees for quite awhile. I love their flowering colorful long lasting blooms. They pretty poplar in where we live in Northern California. 

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The other day I was texting Shavonda about my love of Crepe Myrtles and plan to add one in our backyard. When she mentioned our local energy provider SMUD might offer Crape Myrtles for FREE as part of their Shade Tree Program. As luck would have it they do!! SMUD works along side of Sacramento Tree Foundation offering free tress to promote shade, improve air quality and add beauty. 
I'm already dreaming of the perfect spot, pending SMUD approval, a Community Forester comes out to our property and helps us find the best spot in our yard for your tree to thrive and provide shade. We plan on planting our tree in early fall. I'm so excited! 

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Right now I'm leaning towards a pale pink or fuchsia Crape Myrtle for our backyard. I'm already getting giddy or the though of snipping a few branches and enjoying the blooms in vase in our homes. 

Do you love Crape Myrtles as much as I do?