Kitchen Finishing Touches

My kitchen is almost ready for its close up, but don't worry I wont make you all wait too much longer to share all its lovely. I'm super happy over the moon ecstatic with how our kitchen design & turned out...but I'll get into all the details and lots pretty pictures in an upcoming post. I promise. For now lets focus on a few things, on my list that needed to be completed before I can truly share everything. 

1. Our glass cabinet doors, well they need glass! I'm finally placing my order for glass this weekend. I also need to order glass for my linen cabinet door. 

2. We need to finally decide on our cabinet hardware! For me its the little details, l tend to obsess on little details. It takes me forever to decide. The past month has been no fun opening up cabinets & drawers without hardware, its a pain in the but.. On Tuesday, I placed an order for three different styles pulls for our kitchen cabinets. Let's hope I like at least one of the options. When they arrive I'll share our selections and the one we end up going with, then its all about determining placement on our cabinets drawers for the pulls: top of drawer, middle of drawer etc.

3. Organize my floating shelves. I love love our floating shelves, but I'm still in the process of deciding what will go where from a 'it makes sense' view and it 'looks amazing' view. 

Hopefully we'll get those three things wrapped up in the next couple of weeks! In meantime, wanna see a few pictures of my kitchen I took? You do! I though you might, lol. This is the view from my kitchen when you walk into it from the living room / or sitting in the living room. I'm still in the process of deciding where counter-top appliances (Mixer, Espresso Maker & Toaster) will reside, so things in the below pictures may be moved around. As you can see, we need glass in our doors! Looking forward to sharing our more finished kitchen with glass in our cabinet doors, lol!! Along with our dinnerware and coffee mugs & glasses more organized. 

As I mentioned above, I just placed out order for cabinet pulls and still debating if will go all pulls in our kitchen like this & this or the classic combination of knobs and pulls like this

What do you think so far? Any thoughts on all pulls vs a combination of knobs and pulls?