A Few Lighting Decisions Made

Over the past several months I've been sharing lighting ideas we've been considering for various parts of our home. So far I've covered our living room, dining room, hallway, laundry / mudroom , boys bedrooms & our outdoor lighting. I'm still looking at ideas our bedroom and both bathrooms. This month I decided its time to start talking and start shopping, after-all it would be nice for them all to be installed at the same time when our electrician returns!  

So far I've purchased lighting for our boys bedrooms, hallway, laundry room & kitchen pendant, our closet, and outdoors. Still left on my to do list, purchase our bedroom lighting, dining room & living room and decided on bathroom lighting. I have no idea why these three rooms are making me pause. 

It feels to make decisions & even better when you love the decision. 
Here's where the lighting is going. 1. Hallway Lights, I just love there classic modern spin! 2. Schoolhouse Lights will be in my closet & our mudroom, I originally planned on going with a different light for the mudroom, but the light had bad reviews. I came across the school house at at HD Home Supply for only $6.00 each, they were on clearance! 3. I found this light at Home Depot, the reviews are mixed so we are going to do a test run and see how we like it above our kitchen sink. 4. I really like lantern style lighting, I think these will look great! We are going over-sized in a few spots 5. I bought this light for Avery, I know he's going to love it and can't wait to name his light, space ship or rocket, lol 6. I bought this huge light for Tabari at Restoration Hardware Baby & Child if you follow me on Instagram you so the huge box he was helping me carry. I got this light for a steal and its huge! But I love large scale lights even in small spaces it adds to the drama. 

Sadly we have to wait a few more weeks, before we can see them all in place. I can't wait to turn on the lights each room one by one and just stare up. Ahh, things like lighting really excite me. 

Any surprises on our lighting pics for our house?

Edit: I forgot to mention I got Avery's light from Land of Nod during a 'free shipping' promotion and saved additional 10% for signing up with my email address.