Lighting Ideas: The Hallway

I'm back with my lighting ideas series for my home so far I've covered the living room, dining room, laundry/mudroom, outdoor lighting. We are in need of lighting for our entire house and I don't want to cave and throw up boob lights everywhere, after all it wasn't that long ago I removed all the boob lights one by one. Our hallway always felt poorly lit because we only had one light, so I made sure when the electricians were out to have them wire for two overhead light fixtures.  

I wanted to stay budget friendly since these lights are 'just in the hallway' and not an actual focal point in a room, I looked for lighting that was $50.00 and under. It's always interesting searching for flush mount lighting because most of it either ugly or a boob light. For our hallway lighting I'm most drawn to 3 & 4 and 5. I've recently seen 4 in person and I loved it, its classic and modern at the same time, but its at the very top of my budget so we'll see. I also like 3 but it has poor online reviews, 5 is simple and sleek. 

What style do you prefer? Have you seen any amazing lighting ideas for hallways?