Lighting Ideas: Boys Bedroom

I'm still on the hunt for lighting for our entire house, so far I've shared our ideas for lighting for the following spaces: Outdoors, Living Room, Dining Room, Laundry & Mudroom and Hallway. This week, I'm focusing of lighting for our boys. It seems most lighting for boys, is super cheesy & themed and by now I'm sure you know I'm not big on themes. Now if you have a girl, you have it so easy! A lovely chandelier and bam you done! Moms of little boys like myself have to struggle and dig down deep to find fun grow with my lighting. Thankfully RH Baby & Child, PB Kids and Land of Nod all have a great selection of affordable kids lighting and no one is paying me to say this. This is 100% Katrina's opinion, yeah I just refereed to myself in the third person. 

I'll let you in on a little secret, I've already chosen the lighting for Avery's room in the above list, can you guess which one? I pretty much adore it and know he'll love it for years to come! I can't wait to seeing this bad boy hanging up in his room! Now for Tabari, I'm so undecided and its mostly his decision. My input about the lighting is mostly about cost and how it will look for the over all look and feel of his bedroom, you know looking at the bigger picture. I'm going to share with him the latest lights I've narrowed down for him and go from there, since he nixed my original ideas! lol I don't want to stifle his individual creativity so I'm not going to tell him which lighting I prefer. So it will be interesting to see which one of these he likes and then we'll go from there. Right now, I'm leaning towards 2 & 5. I think  2 is so fun, they come in various colors so a color more his taste would be a must. I also like 5, vintage looking rulers turned into lighting, yes please! I think this would be a great grown with me into my teen years light fixture. 

In addition to overhead lighting, I'm on the hunt for task lighting for Tabari's desk and lighting for his nightstand. Avery's still pretty little, so I'm not sure if he'll be in need of a table lamp, but never say never. I love these task lights below for Tabari and planned on ordering two for his room, sadly the red won't be available for shipping until I'm not sure if we'll 'wait it out' or keep it moving. 

This simple task light below from Land of Nod is also another option. 

I also like the TRAL work lamp from Ikea, with a good price. If Tabari wants color, I can always spray paint them a fun color. 

Which light fixture do you like most for a boys bedroom? Is there a 'Go To' kids lighting place, I need to check out?

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