Newest Craigslist Find

I've been shopping on Craigslist for quite awhile, and usually can find some amazing deals. Remember our solid wood dovetail drawer dresser I freshened up, click here for a quick reminder. I haven't had much luck on Craigslist in a long time, the selection in my neck of the woods has been very spotty. Even though its been a rough road for me, my fellow blogger & friend Shavonda from A Home Full of Color recently scored two amazing deals. First she scored 6 amazing Bentwood chairs and a campaign side table! Read more about her finds and the crazy good deal here

Lately I've been on the hunt for a new coffee table for our living room. I really wanted an oval coffee table, I just though it it would work so well in our not so big living room and complement our two sofas and break up all the straight lines in the room as well. I actually found two coffee tables I love, but there were to small hiccups. One was way out my price range (smidge too fancy for us) and the other I'd have it for a really long time and it mad me happy & Hasani like it too! All positives. Everything was unicorns and rainbows with the second coffee table until it was no longer available at West Elm. Cue me crying. So I was back on the hunt and decided to give Craigslist another go, since I kept coming up empty handed in the style I fell for (cast iron, oval, bottom shelf bonus) 

On Friday morning, I came across the perfect for us coffee table. I quickly emailed the link to Hasani and got his thumbs up. We were both happy about the style, lines and price! The seller and I texted back and forth and Hasani and I picked up our new to us coffee table on Saturday morning. 

Sellers Craigslist picture

Sellers Craigslist Picture

I love it, in person its amazing, super heavy and very well made. Oh and its cast iron, just like I've been really wanting! I got it for a steal, seriously people only paid $80 bucks. I'll admit I was a little nervous to have a glass coffee table since we have toddler, but he's out of the 'bang everything' in site phase and so all should be fine. I've always thought would could always hire out and have a wood top made, so it looks more like the West Elm version. So we'll see. For now I love it as is and so can't wait to see how its going to look in our living room. It's nerve wracking buying a few pieces here and there and then waiting for ever to see how its going to actually work in your space.