Lighting Ideas: Great Outdoors

This week the siding on our home will be completed, and I'm loving how it looks so far. It's a game changer, bet you didn't know siding is a game changer, for me it is, lol. It really gives our home a nice update with keeping the charm of our older home. Now that our siding is almost done, its getting me excited to add pretty outdoor lights to our homes exterior. A Few weeks back I started putting together lighting ideas for our home, so I don't cave and stick boob lights all our our house (living room and dining room). I feel lighting can really add the 'Wow Factor,' to a room, I feel it also adds the 'Wow Factor' to the outside or your home

We need 8 outdoor lights for our home, so my goal was to look for great outdoor lights that are also budget friendly. The plan is to use a mixture of smaller lights next to doorways and medium lights depending on the doorway and pair of larger lights on each side of our garage. 

We've narrowed down outdoor lighting options to 5 styles, but they are so different in style. Our old outdoor light outside our front door is very similar to # 3. Hasani is most drawn to #3. I really think # 1 and #4 would look good. I like both for very different reasons, one would look pretty and fit well with our 1950's rancher, I also like the seed glass. Four is simple and sleek, maybe too sleek and modern for our California rancher. 

Which outdoor fixture style do you like best?